Distributed Agile
  • Quality Control

    We will support your quality frameworks

  • Timeboxed Iterations

    Limit your risk & prioritise business value

  • Fixed Price Projects

    We know you need this so we've learned to do it

  • Agile Delivery Framework

    A detailed distributed agile delivery model

  • Extended Teams

    Dedicated cross-functional teams in CEE

Distributed Agile Development With Extended Teams In Central Europe

Companies are always looking to save money in their IT budgets. 65% of companies are now using agile techniques such as Scrum to increase productivity in their development teams, while a similar figure tried outsourcing to save costs. We specialise in distributed agile development and testing with dedicated nearshore teams in Central Europe. We have solved the classic problems of distributed agile with our Delivery Framework and Agile Programme Management structures which are supported by significant UK based consultancy. Distributed Agile is our core business. We can make it work for you too...

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  • Our People

Agile software delivery requires good people & we're committed to getting & keeping the best.
  •    Prince2 Project Managers
  •    Certified Scrum Practioners
  •    Qualified Scrum Masters
  •    Sun Certified Java Developers
  •    MSCE .Net Developers
  •    ISEB Qualified Testers

All of our staff are certified in their own specialist areas and are fluent in English and at least one other European language

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Our Credentials

Our consultants draw upon personal experience at best practice companies including:

  • Microsoft
  • Hewlett Packard
  • IBM
We are also business partners with:
  • Microsoft & IBM
  • Sage, CODA & Protx
  • Version One & Rally
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