Distributed Agile

Our Philosophy

Agilitate was formed when a group of developers and testers from eastern Europe, who wanted to build software "the right way", met a project manager who wanted to build an elite software development team to deliver products "the right way".

Whether Agile is "the right way" or not, the concepts of highly skilled cross functional teams in eastern Europe, high quality software product management, pro-active risk management and transparency have been our core principles from day 1. Scrum is the delivery methodology that we have chosen to use to deliver all our projects.We have found over time that it has not only delivered fantastic Return on Investment for our customers, (in two cases saving them millions within a single year), but that it has also led to award winning products and empowered teams with high levels of performance and job satisfaction.

We have mastered a method that not only gives added value to our customers, but also to ourselves. We would be delighted to share it with you.

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Company Consultant

Head Of Agile - Bill Nicholas
(The Scrum Chef)

Agile Consultancy

Bill Nicholas is our Director Of Agile. He is a certified Scrum Practioner, Product Owner, Trainer & Scrum Master. He has acted as an Agile consultant for 3 years, writing white papers, speaking at conferences and using Scrum to rescue extreme situations. He is the Product Owner for a number of award winning products and a certified Prince 2 project manager.

Bill is responsible for the following services:

Quality Assurance

Educated at the prestigous Alexandru Ioan Cuza university in Iasi, Iulia is one of our senior QA managers. She is an Agile Scrum Master and ISEB certified Test Team Manager, a Quality Centre & QTP expert, and speaks multiple European languages.


A graduate from one of the top technical universities and with an extensive background in technologies like Struts, JSF, Spring, Hibernate, EJBs plus an expert with Maven & Ant, Ionut is one of our top Java and Agile systems architects.

Ionut is one of the team responsible for the creation of Enterprise Agile Achitecture and Agile Systems Architecture strategy, making distributed agile possible at out client's sites.