Distributed Agile

Our Methodologies

As part of our commitment to transparency we only use widely documented delivery methodologies so you can challenge us when you don't think we're doing what it says in your book. We do however often use multiple methodologies (such as Scrum & Prince2) if appropriate. We are however industry thought leaders in the field of Agile Project & Programme Management and will additionally use tools focused at that level.

ABC 2011 Management Lecture

Dr. Bill Nicholas Lecturing On Agile Programme Management At The Agile Business Conference 2011

The Srum Chef explains how we have saved companies millions of pounds a year by using Agile at the programme level.

Core Principles

Agile is all about connecting Commercial Management directly with Quality Engineering. This is reflected in the two processes that make up Scrum.

Build the right product at the right time.
Build the right product in the right way.

Our approach therefore encompases product, risk and commercial management tools and best practice as well as engineering ones.

We believe:

  • Everything Should Have A Business Case
  • Business Cases Need Regular Reviews
  • Software Should Be Product Based
  • Teams Should Be Cross Functional
  • The Team is Greater Than The Individual
  • Work Should Be Fun

Talks & Lectures

Our director of Agile frequently writes white papers and gives talks on Agile Programme management using Agilitate case studies to describe best practice. He most recently spoke at the Agile Lean 2011 European Conference in Berlin and at the 2011 Agile Business Conference in London.