Distributed Agile

Pricing & Engagement Models

Customers are frequently surprised by how different Agile development is in practice to traditional ways of working, and frequently suffer as a result of applying old procurement practices to new delivery methods. We feel it is important the method of engagement supports the delivery model, but equally understand the need for your procurement and legal departments to be comfortable with what agile engagement requires. We therefore offer a number of different engagement models ranging from simple staff augmentation, through agile factory models to fixed price scenarios allowing you to pick the one that best suits your business. We offer consultancy to help adapt traditional engagement models and contracts to agile environments, advising in particular on the balance of risk, deliverables and milestones in agile contracts, and advice on what skills access, software and infrastructure agile teams need.
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Agile Factory Model

Our factory model is based on the concept of renting an entire agile cross functional team called a cell, which works production line style on any number of projects. The teams are entirely self contained including scrum master, business analysts and testing. Teams also come with their own standard infrastructure such as .Net or java development environments and CI & development servers. Agile cells are normally based in our delivery centres in eastern europe, but can be brought on-shore if desired. We have network specialists that can help connect secure private virtual networks to your standard office environment to make testing easier. Offshore cells contain always come with onshore representation and typically are accompanied by an "office manager" or "PMO" who is based offshore with the delivery team and whose responsibility is to ensure good communication, transparency and accountability is maintained.Read More

Transfer Model

Our transfer model is perhaps our most exciting innovation in agile engagement and is based on the concept that a highly experienced agile cell transitions from being our third party rentable service to being your in-house expert team over a fixed period. A typical example might involve one of our offshore teams starting work on a project on a T&M basis and by the end of the project, the same people being an internal Centre Of Excellence for agile development and project BAU support fully employed by the customer. The transfer model comes wrapped in detailed TUPE legals to protect both parties, and whilst it may sound complicated is genuinely the cheapest and least risky way of getting your company quickly to the front of the agile curve.Read More

The current base rate for a senior developer on-shore is €375 per day.

Standard Rate Card

We know that whatever model you agree with your suppliers you want transparancy, honesty and most of all predictability.

All our engagement models are mathematically based upon the cost of a senior agile developer. One figure for on-shore another for offshore. The mathematical formulae used is published in the form of a spreadsheet meaning that customers can easily calculate the cost of any situation themselves. Our models support the concepts of blended rate cards and bulk volume discounts.

Fixed Price contracts are available and are based upon the content of a release backlog within a version controlled Application lifecycle Management tool such as VersionOne, TFS, Quality Centre or other. We are happy to provide such tools if your organisation is not already using them, to give independant advice on which ones to use and consultancy around integrating them into your other systems. Our agile project and programme managers are experts at reconciling traditional project scope controls with dynamic product agility.